What do you do…?

19 Apr

What do you do when your life feels link a crazed tangle of rope? Everyway you pull, you’re snagged instantly. Not by an outsider but by the knots within. Well, you give up, wear your chains like clothing. Only, if despair doesn’t start to gas you, the outside world will come and nip you. “Get up! Get out! Now! Now!”

So back you go to the scrambling in your rope, wrestling and rolling, hoping that you might just tumble into somewhere safe – and not a canyon.

Then, you tire and rest again. But the voice comes back: “Stop wasting your life! Get up! Get out!”

And the flailing in the rope continues. Well, that’s where I am now. Here’s hoping that some divot comes my way where I can fall into and rest awhile.

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Posted by on April 19, 2012 in I Am Lost


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